I founded ID 20 years ago, in 2002. Since then, I have worked for the implementation of the management profession in Turkey at world standards. Over time, as the Turkish TV series and film world grew and flourished and opened up to the world, we experienced a process in which we shaped the industry together with all its stakeholders.

With the comfort and confidence of working with the same team for many years, I now hand over ID to my teammates and continue my creative production journey that I started with the musical Alice last year. I was 33 when I set up ID. My friends who work with me today are also in their 30s. I am sure that they will carry the management standards we have created together even further.

Ayşe Barım
Banu Güngör

Between 1994-2007, he worked in Corporate and Retail Banking at Egebank-Demirbank and HSBC banks. Between 2007-2014, he gained experience in marketing-finance and office management in the private sector (in the field of advertising and telecommunication). . Banu handles the accounting, financial and administrative affairs of ID and its affiliated players. Banu has been part of ID for 7 years.

Beril Varol

He graduated from Marmara University, Department of Business Administration in 2019. He continued to work in a corporate company at the same time. Beril, who joined ID in 2021 after working as a celebrity assistant for 3 years, works in the advertising department.

Damla Şenbark

After graduating from TÜRVAK Cinema and Television School, Damla worked in the production management and art teams of many TV series. Damla joined ID in 2009; acted as the press consultant of artists, TV series and films. Damla, who took a break from her working life for a while to give birth to her daughter Alya, returned to ID after her birth. Damla currently manages ID's PR department and manages its players. Damla has been a part of ID for 12 years.

Elif Karpuzoğlu
Elif Kavasoğlu

He graduated from the public relations department of the open education faculty between 1996-2000. Between 2005-2016, she worked as Necla Zarakol's assistant at Zarakol Public Relations agency. He has been coordinating the office at ID İletişim since 2016. Elif has been a part of ID for 5 years.

Gözde Elmas

He graduated from Anadolu University, Department of Business Administration. Since 2014, he has worked as a casting director and production team in many TV series and cinema projects. He is a manager at Gözde ID.

Gülbahar Karakuş

Gülbahar graduated from Uludağ University's Philosophy Department in 2008, and then received her master's degree in Journalism at Yeditepe University. In the meantime, he worked as a reporter and editor in media organs such as Sabah, T24 and Hürriyet. Gülbahar is the press consultant of actors, TV series and films affiliated with ID. . Gülbahar has been a part of ID for 8 years.

Gülsün Işıklı

Gülsün graduated from Ege University, Department of Turkish Language and Literature in 2005, and then the Master's program of the same university and department. Between 2003 and 2005, she worked as a trainee reporter at İzmir Yeni Asır Newspaper. Gülsün has been working as the coordinator of advertising and brand collaborations of players affiliated with ID since 2007. Gülsün has been a part of ID for 14 years.

Iraz S. Gubbuk

He received his undergraduate education at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law. He then completed his master's degree in Psychology at the Graduate Center-City College of New York. Iraz provides consultancy to ID artists regarding their contracts and legal processes. Iraz has been part of the ID family for 9 years.

Özlem Bingöl

He graduated from Kocaeli University, Faculty of Economics. Between 2010-2013, Lestat Gıda İşletmeleri Turizm San. ve Tic.Ltd.Şti. He worked as an intern in the Financial Affairs, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Departments of the company. Between 2013-2019, he worked in the fields of Ingbank (Retail Banking) and Citibank (Cash Operations and Payments). Since the first half of 2020, ID and its affiliated players have been running their business as part of the finance, accounting, administrative and office operations.

Pınar Cura

After graduating from Anadolu University, Department of Finance, he started his career in a corporate company. He started his career as a press consultant in 2011, after the festivals he enjoyed working at during his university years. Pınar is the press consultant of the actors, TV series and movies of the actors affiliated with ID. Pınar has been a part of ID for 4 years.

Simge Birben

He graduated from Beykent University, Department of International Trade in 2010. In addition, he studied at Andolu University, Department of Media and Communication. After that, he started working in the advertising department of Hürriyet Newspaper. In 2013, Simge became a part of the ID family and carries out the press consultancy and TV series/film PR process of the actors affiliated with ID.

Tuğçe Akari

2003 yılında TÜRVAK Sinema ve Televizyon Okulu Drama Yönetmenliği bölümünden mezun oldu ve sektöre pek çok önemli dizinin reji ekiplerinde çalışarak giriş yaptı. 2004-2017 yılları arasında Ay Yapım’da reji ve yapım yönetim departmanlarında çalışan Akari, Bilgi Üniversitesi Radyo Televizyon Programcılığı bölümünde lisans eğitimini tamamladı. 2017-2022 yılları arasında Ay Yapım’ın sosyal medya sorumlusu görevini üstlendi. ‘Çukur’, ‘Alev Alev’, ‘Üç Kuruş’, ‘Şahsiyet’, ‘Ufak Tefek Cinayetler’ ve ‘Menajerimi Ara’ başta olmak üzere Türkiye televizyon ve dijital yayıncılığa damga vuran dizilerin sosyal medya içeriklerini üretti..Tuğçe, reklam departmanında görev yapıyor.