The play Kul staged under the co-production of TOY Istanbul and ID attracted great attention from theatergoers for 2 seasons.

Adapted from the award-winning novel of the same name by Seray Şahiner, the play Kul brings theatergoers to the dreams, hopes and disappointments of Mercan, brought to life by Dolunay Soysert.


Mercan is a lively character, as if she had taken it out of the pages... With a longing to live without being seen, to build a life out of what she saw, Mercan invites theatergoers to listen to her sad story and to rediscover Istanbul with her, accompanied by a map of hope. Taking off from the cobblestones and reaching cemevis, mosques and churches; Hopes thrown into the wind with rags tied to wishing trees… In “Kul”, those who believe that human-made contradictions can only be changed by the hand of God, those who cannot stand when they have no one to lean on, those who cannot take root in the world other than their shadow, and those who cannot find a soul mate other than the dead, speak.